White superficial onychomycosis treatment over the counter

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that usually affects toenails and the skin around them. One of its most common forms is the white superficial condition (WSO) that produces thin, white patches on the dorsal plate of your nails.

A medical study suggests that WSO can evolve in a diffuse infection with massive penetration if it merges with other fungal viruses or bacteria. Before you lose your nails to onychomycosis, you might want to use an over the counter treatment for toenail fungus. Read on to find out which solution best suits your current condition!

How to prevent fungal infections

The Harvard Medical School has published a medical report advising people to keep one step ahead of pesky fungal infections. This type of medical condition affects a large percentage of the population mainly because it is extremely easy to get it. In fact, it only takes a few minutes of barefoot walking on a dirty carpet or a shower floor for the fungus to stick to your nails.

You can prevent fungal infections by staying away from dirty environments, and by keeping strict foot hygiene. Also, you might want to avoid sharing shoes, socks or towels with other people. Very often, the fungus is in its initial white superficial onychomycosis stage, and it is difficult to spot.

How to remove white superficial onychomycosis

Healthy nails free of onychomycosis

If you have already contacted a fungal infection, you need to take immediate action before the bacteria spreads to other nails. You may notice small, white patches on the top of your nails during the first few days of onychomycosis. These spots have a dry texture and tend to increase in size if you ignore them.

You can try to remove white superficial onychomycosis with the help of a highly-nourishing solution for toenail fungus. In this regard, you cannot do better than ZetaClear. This home-based therapy for fungal infections uses a topical liquid and an oral spray to provide an all-around soothing effect against WSO symptoms.

ZetaClear is easy to use, and if you apply it in the early stages of the infection, you have a good chance of stopping the fungus from taking over your entire foot. Regular use should diminish the impact of white superficial onychomycosis and increase the nail’s immunity against future bacteria attacks.

What is the best OTC treatment for toenail fungus?

Commercial medication for toenail fungus requires a doctor’s prescription, and it usually comes at an eye-watering price. On the other hand, over the counter (OTC) solutions do not need medical receipts, they are more cost-effective and have a therapeutic effect similar to drugstore products.

The best OTC formula for white superficial onychomycosis should be the one that has fewer chemical compounds and more organic ingredients. It is the case of ZetaClear, which has a 100% natural composition of herbal extracts and vitamins in both the oral spray and the topical solution. These two products work together to alleviate the rashes produced by toenail fungus and gradually restore the nail with its original color.

Do over the counter solutions have side effects?

Buying an over the counter solution has its risks. Many such products contain synthetic substances that may do more harm than good to your infected nails. ZetaClear is your best choice when purchasing an OTC formula for white superficial onychomycosis due to its entirely organic blend that has been clinically tested and proven to produce zero side effects.