5 Tips for keeping your feet healthy while on holiday

Going on holiday after several months of intense work is the perfect way to relax and unwind. However, your plans for leisure may suffer a significant blow if you fail to keep your feet healthy and clean during this time. It only takes a second of negligence to have onychomycosis infecting your nails.

Healthy feet and nails when in vacation

Also known as toenail fungus, onychomycosis is a medical condition that occurs when fungi penetrate your skin, defeat your immune system and settle in and around your toenails. This bothersome illness destroys the appearance of your feet by making your nails yellow and the skin around it flaky and red. If you plan to go to the beach barefoot while on holiday, you will need these five tips for keeping your feet healthy:

Care for your toenails

The best way to reduce toenail fungus side effects is to prevent from contracting fungi in the first place. In this regard, you will have to pay extra care for your nails, especially when you are on vacation. You should avoid stumping your toes or dropping heavy objects on your feet. Additionally, you should ensure that your feet are always clean and dry them thoroughly after showering.

If you want to maximize the protection of your feet against fungal infections, you should carry with you a highly effective solution for toenail fungus. A safe topical liquid that is rich in vitamins and minerals can enhance the immunity of your nails and feet against bacteria and germs.

Your ideal solution for toenail fungus on holiday is ZetaClear. This all-natural formula for onychomycosis is packed with nutrients and herbal extracts that diminish the symptoms and adverse effects of fungal infections. This topical liquid comes in easy-to-carry bottles that fit perfectly into your luggage, and you can take it wherever you go to reduce the risk of suffering a toenail illness while on vacation.

Always keep your sleepers on

The fungi that induce onychomycosis thrive in dirty environments or communal areas that have not been cleaned properly. Such places include shower floors, hotel carpets, poolside pavements and many more. Not to mention the risks of the pools themselves, which was explained broadly in a previous post. To prevent these bacteria from entering your skin and damaging your nails, you should try to keep your sleepers on at all times.

Wear loose shoes

Comfortable loose shoes

If you want to wear your new shoes on vacation, you might want to wear them in beforehand. Take them to work a few days before leaving for holidays. This practice will loosen them up and avoid extra pressure on your toenails. Should you discover that your new footwear is too tight, then you better leave them at home and try to wear the most comfortable loafers you have when traveling.

We know that while vacationing you want to have the least amount of worries possible. However, wearing your sleepers in communal areas should concern you as long as a medical condition like toenail fungus can lead to the complete destruction of your nails and surrounding skin. Also, if you get a nail infection, you will want to keep it under the covers, which means that eventually, you will wear more than just your flip-flops.

Avoid a pedicure abroad

When on holiday you want the treatment that is usually available only to celebrities. We all want that. From spa therapies to massages and from facial masks to cosmetic cures, you would want to benefit from the full package. However, you should be extremely careful about choosing to have your pedicure abroad.

The risk of getting toenail fungus is not in the cosmetician’s skills but the improper sterilization of their tools. Pedicure instruments offer the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to build up. Poor maintenance of these tools may result in an easy transfer of onychomycosis from one client to another. Unfortunately, you could go in for a beautifying treatment and come out carrying a fungal infection.

Stay hydrated

Another good tip for keeping your feet and nails healthy while on holiday is drinking as much water as you can. Maintaining a steady level of hydration ensures that the transfer of nutrient in your body occurs at high speed. This process results in a strong immune system and in better protection against the bacteria that could produce toenail fungus.