Why does the stuff from under my toenails smell like cheese?

It’s not hard to tell when your nails are infected. When the fungus thrives and develops into an infection, the fingernails and toenails will change their appearance and structure. The symptoms vary, depending on numerous factors. But when the toenails are yellow and have an unpleasant smell, you know that you have to do something about. Here’s how ZetaClear will help you to regain the health of your nails.

Stuff you should know about onychomycosis

It may begin as a small discolored spot on one of your toenails. You ignore it at first, especially because it does not cross your mind that walking barefoot nearby the pool can harm your skin or nails. But the truth is that the nail fungal infection – named onychomycosis – is very contagious. Fungi needs just a small open door. It may be a tiny scratch, injury, and even a small wound as a result of cuticle cutting. Keep it in a friendly environment – dark, humid places such as socks, shoes – and it will start to affect the health and appearance of the unguis tissue.

In many cases, people with athlete’s foot will get nail fungal infection, too. It happens because candida is guilty of both these conditions. How can you tell if it’s really an infection? Take a closer look at your nails. Are they discolored, brittle, thickened, fragile, crumbly? Do they break easily or the stuff under them smells like cheese? Obviously, you have onychomycosis.

Don’t despair! Although it is very contagious and hard to eliminate, you can still get rid of it. You will cure it easily with ZetaClear solution, this over the counter developed to fight against onychomycosis and its symptoms. If the oral homeopathic spray will fortify the immune response and reduce the discoloration of the tissues affected, the local solution will penetrate the nail, kill the fungi, and stop the spreading of the germs. After treating it, make sure you don’t get nail fungus again.

How to prevent the fungal infection of the nails

Curing and eliminating nail fungus does not mean that you removed it for good. Onychomycosis often reoccurs, based on http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/prevent-reinfection-toenail-fungus#1. Why? Well, using your old nail files, scissors, and clippers can spread it again. It’s the same as wearing your old shoes. By disinfecting all of these personal items will reduce the chances to re-occurrence. But if you walk barefoot in public spaces or touch someone else who has it, this unpleasant condition will affect your nails again.

You remember how yellowish your toenails were back then. A white pus coming out beneath the nails smelled like cheese. You cannot ignore the psychological effects of dealing with onychomycosis. It lowers your self-esteem, and it makes you avoid certain social situations. You give up wearing your favorite shoes because the toenails don’t look attractive at all.

Adopt several lifestyle changes if you want to keep your nails strong and healthy. Take better care of your nails and disinfect your footwear with special solutions. Discard your old shoes, especially if they have an unpleasant odor. Avoid wearing tight-fitting hosiery and shoes, choose those who let the blood flow through your feet and toes.

Consider a balanced nutrition, and you nailed it! No matter how crazy it might sound, food will help you to strengthen the immune system and back off the infection. Do you want quick effects and lustrous fingernails? Apply natural essential oils, apple cider vinegar or olive oil, and you’re good to go. Apart from enhancing the appearance of nails, these remedies also stimulate their health and prevent getting an infection.

Natural remedies for smelly toenails

You’re probably too embarrassed to take off your shoes near other people. Do you know where does this odor come? What’s the science behind it? Well, some bacteria – more specifically Brevibacteria – is naturally present in the human body. This type of bacteria (but produced in the lab) is also used to ripen or mature certain cheeses. As simple as that! So, why don’t all feet smell like cheese? Because the odor appears only when bacteria grows and produces several chemicals, including Sulphur – and it really stinks.

You can combat and even prevent the appearance of this foul odor using natural homemade remedies. Has the footwear an unpleasant smell? Put some baking soda and let it over the night. It will absorb the offending odor. You could also use some water and vinegar. Pour this mixture on a cloth, place it inside the shoes and after several hours it will be odor-free.

Use essential oils to deal with the smelly toenails. Apply oils of rosemary, lavender, orange, lemon, or clove to kill the fungus and eliminate the cheesy smell. Just one or two drops per nail are enough to banish the stink. Apart from removing the reek, the essential oils will also improve the health and appearance of the toenails affected by onychomycosis.

How can eating cheese help you?

Not just cheese, but any dairy products. They contain calcium, so these foods will strengthen the nails and even improve your immune system. But it’s not enough if you want to cure the fungal infection forever. Apply the ZetaClear solution regularly and use the oral homeopathic spray accordingly to the instructions. In several days, you will already enjoy the benefits.

Although treating onychomycosis is hard, the symptoms can get worse if you don’t do something about it. The smell itself is pretty bad. But did you know that the nail fungal infection can trigger the separation of the nail from its bed? Your doctor might recommend you this procedure if it’s too late for oral and topical treatments.

Your nails are yellow, brittle, and crumbly? It’s not too long until they will start to smell like cheese. Start using the natural treatment ZetaClear, and you will remove the embarrassing symptoms of onychomycosis before they will worsen. Take a look at the official store and choose the best offer for you. Treat the infection of the nails in the comfort of your home with the best antifungal treatment on the market!