How to use essential oils to cure nail fungus at home

When you notice the first symptoms of onychomycosis, you know that you have to kill the fungus fast. The infection quickly spreads to other nails and even to other people. Did you know that it can lead to the loss of the nail affected? Applying ZetaClear will stimulate the healthy regrowth of nails. Learn how to use essential oils to cure nail fungus at home.

Essential oils to use on your nails

Our ancestors knew better. They used the power of nature to improve their overall wellness and fight off various diseases. The essential oils of tea tree, lavender, orange, rosemary, and lemongrass will work wonders for the unguis tissue. If some of them have antifungal properties, others will strengthen nails and restore their beautiful luster.

Always use a carrier oil when you want to cure onychomycosis with essential oils. Olive oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil are among the best. They are an effective medium for the application and dilution of essential oils. Sometimes, tea tree oil or orange oil cause irritation when used undiluted on the skin. Do you want to eliminate the nail fungal infection safely? Add several drops of essential oil in one-two tablespoons of carrier oil, then soak your fingernails/ toenails for 15 minutes. Repeat daily, and in a couple of weeks, you will fortify nails.

ZetaClear oils for your nails

The best treatment for nail fungus

Because tea tree oil is one of the most powerful natural antifungal ingredients, it was included in the ZetaClear composition. Together with almond oil, clove oil, lavender oil, and other essential oils, the pure extract of tea tree will kill the fungus, remove the onychomycosis symptoms, and clear the nails. According to the honest consumer reviews, the medicine from the ZetaClear Center is one of the best treatments for toenail fungus.

The potent combination of local solution and oral homeopathic spray will work synergistically to attack the root of the infection. Are your nails yellow and extremely fragile? Pour some ZetaClear solution onto the areas affected, and in several weeks, you will regain the beautiful appearance of your nails. The best part? You will accomplish the benefits desired in the comfort of your home.

How to use ZetaClear at home

The discoloration and distorted shape of your fingernails should bring you into your general practitioner’s office immediately. Leaving nail fungus untreated can result in complications. According to, your doctor might have to remove it when it is a severe onychomycosis case. Essential oils will have an insignificant effect. But if you start using ZetaClear as soon as the signs occur, you will get rid of nail fungus fast.

Do you know how to use ZetaClear? Take the oral homeopathic treatment and spray twice under the tongue three times per day. When you use the local product on a regular basis, the essential oils included in ZetaClear’s formula will penetrate the nails, kill the fungus, and remove the onychomycosis symptoms.

Use essential oils and cure nail fungus at home. Apply them alternatively with the treatment from the ZetaClear Center, and in a few days, you will start enjoying the benefits. Are you tired of hiding the fungal signs under the nail polish? Get ZetaClear now, and keep onychomycosis at bay!