Nail polish, bleach and vinegar – do they cure toenail fungus?

Fungal infections can happen to anyone, anytime. You only need to be barefoot for a few seconds on a dirty carpet to get your feet infected with bacteria. Fungi attack the toenails making them brittle and discolored, or even worse if your immune system is weak and unprotected. They later develop into a medical condition called onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, which has a few age-old remedies like nail polish, bleach, and vinegar. The question is: do they cure the infection? Let’s find out!

How does toenail fungus look like?

According to medical terminology, toenail fungus is the gradual corruption of your nails at the hands of dangerous bacteria. This medical condition is contagious, and you may transfer it to other people or your other toenails and fingernails. It starts with a slight discoloration of the nail bed and a gradual thinning of the edges of your nails. If left untreated, the entire tissue may become black, brittle and detached. The surrounding skin is also affected as it slowly turns worn and flaky.

Can nail polish cure onychomycosis?

A fungal infection looks terrible, and it smells even worse. Many people and especially women choose to cover its ugly sight and odor with nail polish. Unfortunately, this trick does not cure onychomycosis. Under the brightly colored polish, the fungi keep evolving and corrupting the nail bed even more.

A safer and more hygienic way of treating nail fungus is using ZetaClear. This organically sourced treatment for onychomycosis stops the bacteria from spreading and gradually kills its development. Daily use restores the full health of your nails in just a few weeks.

Over the counter toe fungus treatment

Can bleach kill fungi?

Some people are so desperate to cure their fungus infected nails that they turn to bleach as a homemade remedy for onychomycosis. While the antiseptic properties of this liquid may kill most of the bacteria, its strong chemical composition may do you more harm than good. The infection will not spread, but your nail will lose its natural color and strength.

A much more natural way of dealing with onychomycosis is using an over the counter toe fungus treatment composed of organic ingredients only. In this regard, you cannot do better than ZetaClear – the no.1 choice for toenail fungus treatments according to thousands of user reviews. By using this organic cure regularly, you regain the original complexion of your nail bed and the skin surrounding it. Long-term treatment also prevents the fungi from attacking and destroying your nails ever again.

What if you soak your infected feet in vinegar?

Another homemade trick for toenail fungus that many people use is a vinegar bath. The simplicity of this pantry remedy is the reason why so many patients choose it as soon as they see their nails covered with fungi. You only need a small bowl and enough vinegar to cover your toes. Dip your feet in the sour-smelling liquid for 15 minutes every day, and you might stop the infection in as little as six months of regular treatment.

The good news is that there are quicker ways of treating a fungal infection than by using your salad dressing for half a year. With ZetaClear, you can get rid of onychomycosis in less than three months. Besides the shorter treatment period, it also soothes the irritation and smells better than any vinegar out there.