Bubbly Belle ring bath bombs

Enjoy a Lush Soak with Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs and get a Secret Surprise

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The Bath Bombs from Bubbly Belle NOW come bearing gifts. Besides the overwhelming feeling of lush and delight, you also get a shiny surprise every time you use one.

Every Bubbly Belle Signature Bath Bomb that you dissolve in warm water rewards you with a hidden jewel. Any of the foamy balls conceal one of the 200+ different styles of high-quality rhodium-plated rings each with a minimum value of $15.

Bubbly Belle bath bombs
Bath bombs with a twist

And, that’s not all!

For just $1 you can get one of these luxurious bath fizzers that have an original price of $19.95. In return, you get a secret ring and receive 14 entries into our $10,000 jewel giveaway.

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Don’t let this opportunity fizzle away! Get more than just a soothing soak from your regular baths!

The Stress-Dissolving Power of Fancy Bath Bombs

Nothing beats a hot, bubbly bath at the end of the day!

The pleasure of soaking in essential oils and skin-soothing foam is one that helps you go through the most stringent working days.

Boasting a unique blend of natural essences and calming aromas, Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs can help you unwind and regain your balance. A single ball is enough to help you destress and forget about your troubles. Let serenity give you a warm embrace and put all your worries to rest.

Have your pick from a broad selection of leisure-inducing fizzers! Each bath bomb comes with a nutrient-rich formula that delivers plenty of wellness benefits, such as:

  • Increased moisture
  • Improved skin tone
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Reduced stress
  • A long-lasting good mood

If relaxation is not your goal, Bubbly Belle has something for you, too! A unique selection of revigorant Bath Bombs that will reduce muscular lethargy and increase your energy levels.

Who says foamy baths are just for the evenings? If you want to start your day on a high, you can draw a warm bath and throw a Bubbly Belle rejuvenating bomb in there. Get in and let the nourishing power of essential oils and minerals revitalize your senses.

Revigorating fizzers from Bubbly Belle can put you in a better mood. They can also energize your body and mind by:

  • Helping you recover quicker from illness
  • Diminishing apathy
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Increasing your vitality
  • Enhancing your positivity

The wellness benefits of a hot, bubbly bath do not have to end when you pull the drain stopper. Now, a reminder of your favorite pastime can linger on nicely wrapped around your finger.

For every Bubbly Belle Bath Bomb that you dissolve in your bathtub, you get a unique ring for your jewelry collection. The more you use, the bigger are your chances of winning the shiny $10,000 diamond ring in our upcoming giveaway.

How Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs Work

You might think that a relaxing bubble bath is a present on its own. But, Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs are special gifts that keep on giving. They are easy to use, risk-free, and your best companion for a session of destressing and leisure.

A Bubbly Belle bath bomb works easy. Here’s how to use one:

  1. Draw a hot bath.
  2. Unwrap the package and take one bath bomb out
  3. Put it in hot water in your bathtub and watch it fizzle away
  4. Settle in the foam and let the relaxation vibes take control of your body and mind
  5. Every bath bomb contains a special surprise
  6. When the bomb dissolves completely, you will find a small plastic ball instead
  7. Open the plastic ball and discover your shiny new ring
  8. There are over 200 different styles of rhodium-plated rings that you can unveil

Repeat this wellness ritual to enhance your jewelry collection with high-quality rings. Also, don’t forget that every bath bomb that you use increases your chances of winning the BIG PRIZE. A $10,000 diamond ring can rest gorgeously on your finger after our upcoming giveaway is over.

The Many Types of Lush Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

Bubbly Belle has a bath bomb for every taste and every mood you could ever experience. From deep relaxation fizzers to energizing bath foamers, you can try the whole spectrum of luxury bath soothers. 

Here are some of the bath bombs in the Signature collection that are part of this promotion:


If you had a long day and you can set yourself up for a good night’s rest with the Sleep Bath Bomb from Bubbly Belle. A powerful blend of eucalyptus, lavender and pure peppermint oil will give you a warm and calming embrace. A long, foamy soak with this bath bomb will ease your way to sweet and peaceful slumber.


Why waste money on a spa session when you can get the same unwinding effect with the Bubbly Belle Massage Bath Bomb. This colorful fizzer is packed with essential oils that will soothe your tired skin and loosen your muscles. Enjoy a unique aroma of orange, raspberry and melon that will accompany you throughout your long, unraveling soak.


There are several ways to relieve pressure, but few have the quick and long-lasting power of the Destress Bath Bomb from Bubbly Belle. Throw this foamy ball in your tub and get in for a sweet winding down session. Take in the rich aroma of raspberry and vanilla as the essential oils cover your body in a calming wrap.


One of the best-selling bath fizzers from Bubbly Belle is the Rejuvenate Signature Bath Bomb. Even a short soak in this unique blend of essential oils can revitalize your senses. The patchouli aquamarine fragrance will liven up your senses, and you should recapture your energy quickly. This foamer is best for when you need to prepare for an event, but you feel a bit under the weather.


The Bliss Bath Bomb from Bubbly Belle is a one-of-a-kind fizzer. A combination of essential oils, lemon scent and vanilla fragrance, will enhance your leisure time in the bathtub. Take one with you for your next soak to experience authentic, enduring bliss. A foamy bath with this rich bath bomb will make even your darkest fears and worries fade away.


A hot bath may relax your body, but if you need more mental balance, you will require something more powerful. The Balance Bath Bomb from Bubbly Belle can help you achieve that high level of serenity. Soak in the essential oils of lavender and peppermint. Enjoy the sandalwood scent that will pleasure your sinuses and the silky sensation that this fizzer leaves on your skin.


The Mellow Bath Bomb is perfect for the cold season when you need to unwind and raise your body temperature. The unique blend of essential oils will snuggle you in a soothing embrace. Make the cold weather outside seem like a million miles away with this hot, mellowing fizzer.


For an evening of complete body & mind healing, you need three ingredients: a hot bath, a few lit candles and a bath bomb. For the best results, you should try the Bubbly Belle Heal Bath Bomb. This blend has been specially formulated to help you regain your wellness naturally. It soothes the skin and calms the mind. It does away with pain and makes stress a thing of the past.

The Secret Surprise Within Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

If you want to experience the ultimate level of leisure and wellness, you need to order your Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs NOW!

Swarovski surprise rings within Bubbly Belle
Surprise rings

Get the time-limited promotional Signature Bath Bombs that come with a secret surprise!

Draw a bath and settle in your tub with a fizzling bath bomb. Let the festival of colors and essential oils soothe your skin and please your senses. Relax your body in the ultra-soft embrace of the Bubbly Belle blend. Let your mind wander off and wait for the foam to unveil a gorgeous, new jewel.

Once the bath bomb dissolves, you should find the precious surprise niftily encased in a plastic ball floating in your bathtub. Open it and place that gorgeous ring on your finger. Enjoy your newfound level of serenity and the brand new premium quality jewel for your collection.

At the time of the purchase, you can pick your ring size to ensure that the “secret surprise” will fit nicely on your finger of choice.

When you purchase any of the Bubbly Belle Signature Bath Bombs, you get a shot at the Big Prize for JUST $1.

Your purchase gives you no less than 14 entries into our upcoming $10,000 DIAMOND RING GIVEAWAY!

You have high odds of winning the ring of your dreams only by purchasing a $1 bath bomb!

The more bath bombs you purchase, the bigger are your chances of success.

Order Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs TODAY and enjoy the SERENITY and WELLNESS that only these nutrient-rich fizzers can bring.