What causes nail fungus and how to prevent it with ZetaClear?

Many individuals ignore it until the symptoms become embarrassing. The fungal infection of the nail leads to discoloration, distorted shape, and discomfort while walking. It affects your self-esteem and sometimes requires removing the nail to get rid of the bacteria. But what causes nail fungus? Can you actually prevent it with ZetaClear?

The causes of onychomycosis

The germs can easily spread to one individual to another. Weak immune system, poor hygiene, inattention, and a small injury are factors that increase the chance of getting onychomycosis. However, the primary cause of the nail conditions is a type of fungus. Candida albicans, dermatophytes, or molds enter your system through a small skin cut and, if they encounter growing conditions, will multiply and attack various layers of the unguis tissue.

How do you know it’s a fungal infection? When the nails have an altered color, shine, shape, or texture, it means that the fungi have affected the keratin from nails. You must take immediate action and use ZetaClear accordingly to the instructions. If you pay a visit to your doctor, they will probably recommend you to choose between prescribed medicines and an over-the-counter treatment like ZetaClear.

Why should you use ZetaClear for nail fungus?

Nail fungus causes and prevention with ZetaClear

It is made of 100% natural ingredients and is guaranteed to offer zero side effects. Thousands of patients have already used the oral homeopathic spray and local solution! They succeeded to cure the fungal infection and restore the health of nails in only a few months. It is well-known that onychomycosis often reoccurs. For some individuals, it is a never-ending story, based on the evidence mentioned on a scholar article.

If you leave toenail fungus untreated, the symptoms will aggravate. Maybe the yellow, crumbly, and thickened toenails don’t bother you now. But if you don’t do anything about it, the nail plate can fall off its bed. Sometimes, doctors are the ones who recommend removing the toenail, because the tissues are too affected, and nothing can be done to restore their health.

How to prevent the re-occurrence of the fungal infection

After eliminating onychomycosis effectively with the treatment from the ZetaClear Center, you must consider several recommendations to ensure that the microorganisms will not thrive again. Don’t share your nail tools with other people, especially if their nails look affected by dermatophytes. Disinfect your files, clippers, and scissors before and after each use. Throw away your old shoes, or at least clean them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.

Start using the antifungal treatment from the ZetaClear Center official store when you observe that your nails are fragile or discolored. Try to avoid using your toenails as tools, and protect them when you do the house chores with harsh chemicals. Don’t hide the onychomycosis signs with nail polish; it is useless! Apply the ZetaClear solution and promote the healthy regrowth of nails.

Now you know what causes the nail fungus and how to prevent it. With ZetaClear, you will keep the fungal infection of the nails under control. Take a good look at your nails. Are they discolored or soft? Take action now, before it is too late!