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Our cookie policy

Cookies are small text files used to improve the browsing experience and deliver user-friendly service to the customers. They collect information such as the IP address, name, phone number, and email address. They do not copy your credit card number, and they do not give anyone access to your bank account.

The purpose of cookies is to allow websites’ owners to collect essential feedback from the users. Moreover, they enable multimedia and will enhance the efficacy of online advertising. The information is gathered from the internet browser, but cookies will be stored on the device that visitors use to browse

These small files will barely recognize you as a number. It happens because it will then analyze who entered the website, their location, and how often they visit the page. However, only the owners of will access this information about the visitors.

We respect your privacy

The personal data of the users will be protected with encryption software and password. We will not disclose it or sell it to third parties. Only if a law enforcement agency requires it, we will obey and give them your details. We value the privacy of any visitors and strive to deliver the best services to them. You can disable the cookies at any time, from the setting of your browser.

This policy may be changed, canceled or updated in the future, without prior notice. When you want to visit the website again, please check for the latest modifications before actually reading the content of the page.